Celebrate with us our first anniversary!

Enso WarriorsOne year ago, 2 warriors decided to create a small bonfire. A simple place to gather with those in need of a little bit of light and warmth. But they didn’t really know how much their life would change.

The bonfire was a dream, a small idea that has been growing between the two. They had been friends for a long time and had done amazing things together. They thought joining efforts again would lead to something great.

The bonfire started small, from afar it was just a tiny light in the horizon, they had to learn how to care for it so it would shine brightly in the darkness of the world.

Soon, more people started to show up.

Some were interested in what these 2 warriors had to say. They took the time to sit around the bonfire and listened to the stories they were sharing. They inspired the 2 warriors to share more stories and do more stuff to have more things to talk about.

Some came with news from other bonfires. They opened the warrior’s eyes to new opportunities and invited them to share their stories in other places. They taught them how to grow and travel around the darkness. They became dear friends to the warriors.

Some others came with ideas. They were traveling, just passing by, but they left insane amount of value to the 2 warriors. They taught them some powerful ideas on how to make something bigger than just a bonfire. They shared their knowledge and expertise.

The 2 warriors understood one day, that the small bonfire was turning into something bigger and more powerful than what they had imagined. Their efforts made them take a decision. They would train harder and devote more time to this dream.

They started finding materials, the foundations that would turn the bonfire into something different. Something that would stand the difficult times. With simple tools but a lot of passion they started to build a Dojo in the middle of the darkness. It was a place to do more than sharing stories, it was a place to train others, to help them get the right weapons against the endless darkness. They called it The Enso Journey Warrior Dojo.

At first, people thought they would ask something in return for building the Dojo, but the warriors had learned their lessons well. It didn’t matter who came seeking to learn, the doors of the Dojo were open to them. They had some very special rules for those willing to train in their place. The rules read:

  • We understand you are not broken and we won’t fix you.
  • We don’t care who you were. We care for who you are and who you want to be.
  • We understand you can’t be strong all the time.
  • We understand life is battle.
  • We honor our fellow warriors.
  • We never leave a fellow warrior in the battlefield.
  • We ask questions to learn from ourselves.
  • We train our body, mind and soul for a meaningful life.
  • We understand words are meaningless without actions.
  • We take pride in our dojo.
  • We are grateful for this opportunity.
  • We are in for life.

The 2 warriors hung the sign with the rules for all to see, and welcomed everyone who wished to train with them.

They train along others in their Dojo everyday.

They share their stories without fear of judgment. Both victories and defeats are celebrated.

They welcome those who are willing to teach and have already walked the warrior’s path to share their stories with their fellow warriors.

They stand against the hordes of darkness who turns great people into victims.

They have been doing it for a year, and they bow to train more warriors and defend those who can’t do it.

They are proud of their banner, The Enso.

They call themselves Enso Warriors, and their Dojo stands proudly.

This is the story of Enso Journey. This is the story of all of us who train here everyday.

This is our dojo.

Today, we celebrate one year standing strong. Today we celebrate every warrior. Today we celebrate YOU!

Enso Journey Warrior Dojo

A few words from Alex

Today I’m taking a small moment to remember all the things that I’m grateful for. The story above came naturally as I was trying to put in words what I really feel about this journey.

It has been a wonderful year, I have met some amazing friends, and I have been able to help others with one simple idea. The best way I could find to honor my fellow warriors is to share my journey with you.

I usually write actionable articles, I try to teach you the stuff that has worked for me in order for you to find the best way to use my weapons and strategies in your own battle. Today it will be a bit different, I’ll share with you something more personal.

Last year, I lived through some really difficult battles.

I left my job and took the leap into uncertainty, I can’t lie to you, I was afraid of doing it. But I was able to stay strong with all the support from all of you. I felt everyday was difficult and I had to find the way to survive in our world, thanks to you all I found the strength to turn myself into an entrepreneur. Now I’m not afraid, I welcome the challenge of being self-employed, I found my passion is enough to fuel all my adventures in the online world.

Right after leaving my job, I lost someone very dear to me. It was a difficult blow and came when I was still learning the ropes. But you were there, ready to lend me a hand or kind words. I was able to learn the lessons I needed to learn.

Now, I honor those who have walked the path of the warrior before us, not with tears, but with a smile everyday, thanking them for the lessons they shared with us. This place stands strong thanks to the lessons Giselle left me. I hold her deep in my heart for all the beautiful memories I have with her. I honor her with each post I write here.

Each time I write for this place I feel happiness. I know it’s the right thing to do, and each time I feel lazy or think I’m not doing enough, I know you’re here, to read my articles, to support my crazy warrior idea and to stand up and train yourself for a happier life. This thought fills me with strength and power to keep moving forward.

It’s true, and Kym won’t let me lie, there has been times when I wish I could do more. There has been times when I wasn’t sure if I was up to the task of talking about the topics I touch here. I’m not the perfect warrior, I have weaknesses and bad days like everyone else. It’s just the thought of all of you that keeps me going strong. For that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’re a very important part of my life and I feel you all standing by my side.

Looking back, I had to make some though decisions during the last year. The whole redesign thing and letting go of our first mailing list, was perhaps the most difficult one. In the online world subscribers are held as something truly important, so closing our first email list was though, but time showed me it was the right thing to do.

I could go on and on, and write an insane list about everything, but I don’t want to bore you to death. I just want to leave you with one simple message.

Thank you. It doesn’t matter if you have been here since day one or if this is your first day here, thank you. You are special to me, and I’ll do my best this next year to make this place grow and make it even better just for you.

A few words from Kym

This past year has been a challenging year for me. I have experienced change and growth to the fullest. I remember when Alex’s dream was born. He wanted to do something great; something that would change his world and the world of others. At the time, he didn’t quite know that this dream would become Enso Journey. And let me tell you, it has been a wild ride.

When he invited me to join his project I was very delighted. For almost a decade, we have worked on many creative projects; we make a pretty rocking team.

I have never doubted that he would take his powerful idea and turn it into something magical and successful. What I never realized, is how much his dream would impact my own life.

I feel the greatest gratitude towards all the wonderful people that have helped us through this path. Although I have been the quieter of the two, my heart is very much in this project. I know that we have a wonderful and loyal audience that will continue to support us. Enso Journey will continue to grow and change, just like all of us; but always for the better.

I also feel humbled by this exciting learning experience. A few months ago, life became very demanding and challenging for me. As an overload college student (meaning that my credit hours were higher than a full time student), I was, and am, always worrying about deadline after deadline. My own expectations of keeping my 4.0 GPA while getting the best out of my education also kept me up at night. In addition to school, running a household and keeping my marriage in stability was always a first priority. The various creative projects that help economically, like PaperSquare Arts, my online origami store at Etsy, consumed the little time I had left. And of course, every step of the way there were added deep obstacles in almost every area of life. Difficult family relationships, a lack of moral support, and feeling a sense of alienation were always there to slow things down. Finally, after much searching, I made the decision to take control of everything that I needed to fix in order to move forward. I took a sabbatical from writing and focused on what it was that I really wanted to say to the world.

Throughout these tough months, I have searched for my voice and my message.

So here it is.

Your life will never get easier and the challenges will never cease to come after you. That is the nature of all of our lives. Time will continue to pass, and you will continue to change. Once you realize this nature, you will be able to prepare to fight back. Just as life is challenging, you are strong. Just as life throws curbs at you, you can be ready to take control. When you realize you have this power, you will never be caught off guard. Once you learn how to nourish and grow this power, you will be able to share it with those who need to find their own.
Our journey has just started, and it is just too wonderful to walk this path alone.

A sincere and humble thank you, to you, our friends.

A new year of challenges lies ahead.

We don’t know what lies ahead. The warrior’s way has many obstacles and challenges. But we aren’t afraid. We are now a small community of warriors who wish to succeed and have a meaningful life. We won’t regret anything because we are glad to take one step everyday towards our dreams.

We’re here today to celebrate everyone who enjoys this site. Today we share our happiness with everyone here, tomorrow we take up our weapons again and keep moving, challenges may lie ahead, but we welcome them with joy and bravery.

We are true Enso Warriors, and during the next year we will show the world how we can change our lives.

Are you ready my fellow warrior?

I sense a strong warrior In you!

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Alex Reyes (@EnsoJourney) is the co-founder of Enso Journey. He is a geek seeking to turn himself into a modern warrior. You can train with him by liking Enso Journey's Facebook Page or joining the Enso Journey Warrior Dojo for FREE.


  1. These are nice reads. Happy 1st anniversary for Enso Journey!

  2. Congratulations Alex! You are a wise and inspiring warrior my friend. Happy to be on the journey with you :)
    Sandi Amorim recently posted..Be Confident, Do Great Work, Have the Biz You Want

  3. Congratulations my dear friends!! Alex I can hardly believe it has only been one year! Enso Journey has come so far!! I feel like you have ALWAYS been there. Ahhh that is what they always say about an idea who’s time has come!!

    Looking forward to seeing where the next year takes you both!!
    Kathy Sprinkle recently posted..I dare you and double dare you to have more fun

    • Kathy, I should write an entire post to thank you honest. Without you we wouldn’t be on the map. You were the one to offer us a hand first. I’m always grateful to you.
      Curiously you really picked us up really early in our blogging efforts. Thanks to you I have been able to leave my work and write here full-time. Thank you Kathy!
      I’m sending you one super big hug! :)
      Alejandro Reyes recently posted..Warning: Use the kryptonite method at your own risk

  4. WOOHOO! Happy anniversary! I just stopped by to sprinkle your site with double-chocolate fudge cookies and some virtual hugs. Keep on kickin’ butt!!
    Jenny recently posted..How to Crush Your Competition Overnight

  5. This article helped remind me to be grateful of all that has happened in the last year. Very inspiring! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  6. I LOVED this piece. Congratulations to you and your beautiful accomplishment. I so look forward to learning more.


  7. Congratulations, Alex and Kym!!! Your dojo is truly welcoming and ever so friendly. 😀 Here’s to many more years of learning and enjoying life to the max! [insert warrior cry here]!
    Otiti recently posted..You Can Choose

  8. Yo Alex and Kym this is wonderful + a bag of chips :).

    Nothing is more powerful than the evidence of one’s actions. And you two have been doing this for a year now. Blogging can be tough at times. Sometimes we can spend hours upon hours on a post, work for days and then it comes out… And all we might hear are crickets.

    But other times we find it. We get our message across and it connects to others and it is beautiful. I respect your commitment to this art.

    Kym, I think this is the first time I have been on here and hear from you :). I love the line you put forth:

    “Your life will never get easier and the challenges will never cease to come after you. ”

    It’s so darn true, aint it. But challenges is what makes life beautiful because it feels so amazing to get past a challenge. Congratulations to the both of you :).
    Izzy recently posted..11 Ways To Increase Your Discipline and Get Things Done (Plus a Ridiculous Video)

    • Izzy,
      Thank you for noticing me :)
      I have been away from writing for Enso for a little while. My professors felt the need to take over every minute of my life by asking me to write academically. If i could post all my academic writings here we would have a million pages!
      If you search back towards the beginning of Enso, you will see my weekly posts. But for a while, I have been behinds the scenes mainly helping Alex with ideas and other things.

      Thank you for congratulating us, I hope that my writings to come will inspire you as much as Alex’s.

      Best regards,
      Carmin Camacho recently posted..White Daisy Bouquet in matching bucket vase – White and Yellow color scheme by PaperSquare

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