Five simple tips to be a better you

Life gives us many opportunities to become better versions of ourselves. As we get older, we have the choice to work towards something greater.

Personal satisfaction comes from within and there a are a few things that we can do to make life a little more interesting, and in turn, we will feel fulfilled.

Here is a quick list of five tips to improve you!

Be a better you

The quest to improve yourself may be seem hard, but simple steps can help you along the way, photo by Andrew Thompson.


Literature is not just for school. With literature you can enrich your life immensely. Literature is open to everyone, and the wonderful thing is that there are many ways to get it free or for very little. You can visit your local library, or find free literature online. There stores that offer used books for very little cost, online and locally.

Starting a little library in your home can be a great way to pass your legacy down to future generations. Even if you have a busy life, spending a few minutes a day indulging in some good literature can be a great way to making your life more interesting. Books are not just for nerds, they are for everyone. The variety of books that can be found is so great that there is something for every taste.

Educate yourself

Knowledge is a powerful tool, and nobody can take that away from you. There is no greater way to improve your life than through education. Education can be obtained through various ways. For those that work and have children, an online class may be a good option; there are also night classes, some community colleges even offer once a week night classes. Depending on where you live, the government may even help you pay for the cost! It’s just a matter of getting yourself to do it.

There are also free classes available for those that want to improve their skills in many fields, for those that are working to get their GED, or for those that want to learn how to speak English. Some churches offer classes for those that want to enrich their lives that way, and the local libraries and community centers will often have courses in various things. Having a new skill or finding your new talent can greatly improve your self-esteem and also give you an edge in many ways.

Be kind to others

Acceptance is something we can all improve on. Learning to love each other and accept our differences is a big way to improve who we are. Show your gratitude and your kindness to others. Do it because it comes from your heart, not because anyone tells you to do it. It doesn’t cost anything to smile to your children, or to hold the hand of your loved one.

Sometimes we forget about these things and become cold and distant. The world can sometimes be too overwhelming and it’s easy to forget to stop and show some love. Think of someone you love, and how you can make their day special. You will be surprised at how little it takes to make someone smile and feel loved.

By enriching your relationships with others, you are making this world a better place.

Be kind to yourself

Don’t forget about your own needs whilst in the rush of life. Take a minute to do something you love, or reward your hard work with something you want. Sometimes we become selfish and only thing about ourselves, and other times we do just the opposite. Finding a balance is the best way to feeling good and doing good at the same time.

When was the last time you spent a minute thinking about all you have accomplished? Every single human being in this world has accomplished something at some point or another. Don’t forget to value what you are, and work hard towards who you want to become.

Be free

No matter who you are, what your race or current status in the world is, you can be free. True freedom is not the one your government or religion gives you, it is the one that you have inside and can nourish and grow. Accomplishing your goals takes time, but the only way to make it happen is to start. Slow progress is better than no progress, and if you know what you want in life, then all you have to do is go get it.

Freedom is found when you know that you are in control of yourself, that whatever the world thinks of you is not as important as what you think of you. In order to find freedom you must find yourself. And there are ways to get there as well.

Bonus tip: Meditate

This alone deserves a post on its own, but to make it quick, meditation is a powerful tool to help you find your inner self. Meditation is not a religion, and it is not something that only some people can do. Meditation is looking inside for answers, it is becoming quiet and letting things be, it is appreciating the world and everything within, it is accepting chaos and peace and the balance of life, it is everything and nothing. Add meditation to your life and I promise you, you will change.

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