Five simple tips to improve your productivity

Saturday is here and it’s time to give you another 5 simple actions to improve yourself. Today we are going to improve your productivity in a couple of simple steps. Just remember that you should only try to implement one at a time, once you master it you can go for the next one.

Productivity desktop

That is a bit of an overkill, but yes productivity is very tied to your own habits. Photo by Brad Owens.

Build a clutter-free space

Believe it or not physical clutter can become metal clutter really fast. Your eyes absorb a lot of information from the environment and you can set yourself for failure and procrastination if you just have a mess in your desk.

Take the time to clean up your work space regularly. Find a place for every object and try to keep it that way. You will be less distracted and will be able to work better. You don’t have to go the minimalist route, but you can certainly add some order to the chaos. Beside this will help you brainstorm in a better way.

Remember, organized environment means organized ideas.

Find your best times to work

Our society has made us believe that work goes from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Yes,your best working time can be there at those hours, if that’s true, then you are a lucky one! For me it never was that way. In fact I struggled to find the right time to write. Go figure I’m an insanely morning person, 6 to 9 in the morning is the best time for me.

Now do a simple experiment. This is best done during the weekend when you have all your hours for yourself. Set yourself to do or learn something that you need. And for example one day start very early, the next do it around mid day and so on. Find which works better for you. Now that you have a good time frame, keep experimenting until you find our sweet spot. Now go on and do your very best work!

Hint: I use this time for my actual side hustle. This tip really moved this blog forward. Try to use these times for your side hustle and you will grow it into a business.

Make a promise and keep it

This works like a charm, social accountability is hard to escape. Find a good friend, family member or co-worker and tell them what you want to do. Now work a deadline with them. Yes, you need to accomplish the task before the time is up.

If you truly want to make this work, make a friendly bet. If there is something in the line you will work extra hard. One simple example to move you forward: The regularity of the posts here at Enso Journey, we have a very strict deadline, one post on Monday, Thursday and Saturday. If we fail, we are failing you, which is no good at all. So far we are still on track!

Break into small steps

Big tasks are intimidating, simple ones are nice and easy to finish. If what you want to do is finish a big task, break it in simpler steps. It can help you to write a small list, but don’t get tangled into it.

For example: Let’s say I need to write a whole series of posts, that is a huge task with thousands and thousands of words. instead I just focus in writing one paragraph or section at a time. That way once I’m done I beat the mark easily.

Now take your biggest dragon and find a way to turn it into smaller creatures. If you can break it so that you only work for smaller periods of time in each task, you will see a huge change.

Ask for help

A good warrior knows when the task at hand is a bit outside of his skills. There is nothing bad in asking for help. You may not need for someone else to do the work, but a few key points may help you get faster and better results. When I want to get a great picture, I usually ask Kym first, she has a huge load of experience and pictures.

Remember asking for help is asking to become stronger. Even if the other person does all the hard work, you can stick around and look at how she does it. In my book that is like getting a free class. Use this one wisely.

Extra tip: Get yourself a timer

As I have said before, you can get everything done if you work in smaller bursts. Take your timer and set up 30 minute work intervals. Let it run and work as hard as you can for those 30 minutes. Once done, get some rest, go and grab a bite, play one quick round of videogames, anything you wish. After your break set another 30 minutes of focused work.

Before you lose all your time, remember you are also setting the timer for the break, and make it smaller than the work time. For example a 30 minute work for each 15 minute break is an awesome way to get started.

I sure hope this quick productivity tips help you stay on top of your work. Now enjoy your weekend and focus on improving yourself. and don’t forget to give me a share with the buttons below and help your friends to improve their productivity.

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  1. Asking for help is asking to become stronger! What a great quotation!

    For some of us, its all to easy to just float away from society and the people in it.. its nice to hear those kind of anchoring statements.

    You continue to inspire!

  2. Anne Melnyk says:

    I always love getting reminders about productivity. Can I add one to your list that is important for me?

    Create a routine. There are so many shiny things bouncing around out there it’s hard to focus without a routine! I began this morning with clearing my desk, then jumped into a set morning routine of tasks to accomplish, one of which is to create a priority task list for all the projects I have on the go at any given moment. It helps tame my monkey mind and create momentum in the right direction.

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