Hall of Warriors Spotlight: María Ortega

From time to time we interview an amazing warrior, and as a bonus we will give him/her a title in the hall of warriors.

Maria OrtegaMore than a year ago, when Enso Journey was still just a small fire in the vast internet, I met an amazing lady who has become a great friend of mine. María has always been very supportive, back in those days I only knew about her personal blog, where she shares some of her great adventures and lessons learned over the world. But she is also a great warrior at heart and as we have grown, so does she. She is now fighting alongside us with her very own site Shyness Warrior, where she fights to foster a supportive and empowering environment for people dealing with social anxiety.

As a fellow introverted guy (even if I don’t look like one), I’m truly happy to share this interview with you.

What are you most passionate about? And why?

Teaching! That’s what I do and that’s what I love the most doing. Why do I love teaching? Because you can open minds, you can show new paths, you can give tools to make people independent and able of accomplish their dreams, whatever they are, from going on holidays to the sunny Spanish beaches to read the Quixote in original version or to move to South America and devote your life to a volunteering project…

What was your inspiration or motivation to begin your project?

The reason why I started this project of life is because I can’t live and breath inside a cage, whether if the cage is a job contract, or a house lease, or any other kind of constraints that prevent me to feel free to leave a country and move to another place or do and be as I feel like doing and being.

By my project, the main big vital project in which there are inserted couple of more projects. The more recent is Shyness Warrior, which I share with my partner and friend Stephanie Lisa Kelly, with the main purpose of encouraging people to fight against any kind of shyness, social anxiety or any other type of limitation one might have that prevent them to lead the life they want.

What is the biggest reward you have received while working on your project?

Confidence. I built confidence in my abilities and I am stronger. That’s my biggest personal reward. Besides that, the feedback from my students and the positive results they get and therefore, the positive results I get.

If you had the ability to change the world in any way, would you? And if so, how?

All is about education. I would change the education system and I would change the orientation of the education. I’ve recently read a book by Jiddu Krishnamurti, The Education and the Significance of Life. The majority of the ideas were inspiring and most of them made me think. I will just quote one of the lines which I agree very much with:

“There is an efficiency inspired by love which goes far beyond and is much greater than the efficiency of ambition; and without love, which brings an integrated understanding of life, efficiency breeds ruthlessness. Is this not what is actually taking place all over the world? Our present education is geared to industrialization and war, its principal aim being to develop efficiency; and we are caught in this machine of ruthless competition and mutual destruction. If education leads to war, if it teaches us to destroy or be destroyed, has it not utterly failed?”

So, yeah, I would begin with that, with the younger generations and I would begin with changing their education and ways of seeing the world and life. It would be much better if we were shown the bigger picture instead of the small, cultural, nationalistic partial parts (if you’ll forgive the repetition).

What advice can you give to someone who is struggling to find happiness?

Don’t try to escape or hide from the bad moments. Learn from them and experience them fully instead so that you grow stronger, wiser and with a better awareness, or appreciation of what happiness is in contrast.

Who is the most remarkable person you have ever met? And why?

I can’t mention just one person. I have been a very lucky person and I have meet amazing people in my life. Inspiring, strong, wise…

What are some of your future goals or aspirations? Do you have a plan to accomplish them?

I want to continue the path I’m following, improving my means to reach more people. My goal are set in different fronts. I definitely want to keep teaching, that’s my air, and that’s the way I contact with people, but I also want to develop other ways to reach people to provide the tools, either a new language or inspiration, to bring them closer to their dreams.

What has been the biggest challenge you have faced during your life?

Cancer in its different varieties has been around my family since I am teenager. First my mum, years later my dad, then I had a carcinogenic virus and last summer my sister suffered from cervical cancer. Luckily we have all won the battle but it was a recurrent challenge to face.

Tell us about your biggest success in life, perhaps something you struggled with that you were able to overcome above and beyond your own expectations

Shyness? I think that has been my main obstacle in life. I’ve been struggling with shyness since I remember, and I still am but I think I kicked shyness ass and I think that’s my more important success, because shyness was the only thing that has been holding me back from getting what I wanted from life.

What is something that you wish you knew before you started your path?

That I was able to do it.

If you were a cat, which type of owner would you choose?

Can I be a dog?

I’d love a cuddly, sweet and tender owner… I’d love to be pet often but I’d love to be left to do my own things without interference. Cuddles and freedom, that’s what I’d like my owner give me.

For her answers, powerful mission and a powerful warrior spirit that seems to beat everything in her path we give María the title of:

The Shyness Warrior

Maria Ortega The Shyness Warrior

María has taken arms against shyness and all the myths surrounding it. It’s only appropriate that we acknowledge her powerful status as a fellow warrior and sister to our efforts here in Enso Journey.

If you want to get to know a lot more about María (and I really recommend you about it) check her personal blog, her new site Shyness Warrior and if you want to learn from her, please step into her Online Spanish Tutor program. How can she manage so much projects? She is a warrior, of course she can do it.

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  1. So happy to meet you Maria! Alex was kind enough to bestow the title of warrior to me also so I wanted to say hello to the newest to join our clan. I am inspired by your work and wanted to let you know that if you ever wanted to share over at Bliss Habits I would be honored to share your perspectives with my readers.

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