How much time do you have left?





I know the answer to these questions: You have no idea, and neither have I.

I just know one thing for sure: We are going to die.

You, me, everyone.

I know it sounds harsh, but it’s the truth.

But hidden in such a sad idea lies the ultimate power to achieve whatever you want.

Are you ready to uncover this power?

It’s all about the next morning

I’m going to share something very personal with you, and it’s very important you don’t skip this part, otherwise you’ll miss the key for you to understand why title of this post matter so much.

It was all about the morning after Giselle passed away. I understood why she was really alive, you see, she knew her time was running out.

She was always doing, experimenting, creating, and having fun all around. She wasn’t afraid of failing or wondering what if this or that happened. She was living the life she wanted at every second.

She was her own boss well before I managed to do it. She landed her first big client well before I landed my first tiny one.

Giselle was afraid of wasting her time.

That morning I woke up as every other day, my eyes were open, but something had changed. Someday was not an option anymore.

The illusion of immortality

You have been fooled my dear friend. Everything around us tells you that you’ll live forever.

Think of all the things the world is trying to sell you, just because they’ll make your life easier and give you time back. Less effort and a bigger reward. Sounds amazing, but we both know it’s a lie.

Social networks allow you to share every small detail about your life, so everyone knows how important your life is. Believe me, your life is important, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever through the internet.

There is whole range of meds for any ailment you can think of and every moment there are wonderful minds trying to uncover more ways to reduce pain and prolong life. That’s amazing, some of those have saved me in the past and I bet they helped you too.

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how much you own, share or how many pills you take. One day, you will die.

Everyone lives trying to deny it, we’re all afraid of dying. It’s natural, but it’s also one of those things that won’t let you live the life you deserve.

It’s time for you to destroy the illusion.

What if you were to die tomorrow?

I really hope you’re living a beautiful and wonderful life, full of happiness. But what if?

And before you shoot any canned answer, please think about this: How much time do you have left?

That’s the secret Giselle left me, that question reminds me each time one simple thing.

I don’t know how much I have left

One thing is certain, every minute that passes is one that you’ll never get back.

So the real answer to the question is not a number, but an action. A desire to treasure life for how extraordinary it is.

Life is an unique event. This life you have is, for all we know, the only one you’ll ever have.

And that’s what changed. I understood the real value of life.

I choose everyday to make it count in my own ways.

Accepting that I’ll die is the best thing that could happen to my life.

What happens now?

Death is not something evil or unfair, it’s just what makes life invaluable. Without death, life would be meaningless.

Now, it’s time for you to choose:

You can just take a deep breath and forget what you just read here, dismissing it as a very depressive idea.

Or, you can really live your life because every second counts.

I choose to live and be grateful for the life I have, do you?

I sense a strong warrior In you!

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  1. Yes, I do. Life is too precious to waste afraid, zombie-like, or simply stagnant. We may not be able to make every day awesome and extraordinary and all those other words we throw around so easily, but we can choose to give more every day.

    More of ourselves. More of our hearts. More of our time. More of our love. We can choose to slow down and spend time with those we cherish and LET THEM KNOW HOW WE FEEL ABOUT THEM before they’re gone. We can choose to go to bed each day knowing that we left something of ourselves behind, knowing we released some gift into the world that made someone’s day or even made the globe a better place.

    We can fill our days with our big dreams and brave actions, and we can also sprinkle in little acts of love and kindness.

    That’s the lesson you’ve taught me here today. Thank you, Alex. :)
    Otiti recently posted..Brave to be You

    • I’m glad you got it, Otiti!

      People believe they have all the time in the world, when inf act every day lost is gone forever. I decided to go to bed each day being happy that it could be the last time I go to bed. When we are no longer afraid of death, life itself turns into the most beautiful experience of all.

      Our days may not need big actions, sometimes the smallest ones are the ones worth it, because as you say it, they are filled with love.
      Alejandro Reyes recently posted..Working together for a better world

  2. Dear Alex,
    I love that you’re writing about one of my favourite topics. Yes, it can sound harsh. For some people, it seems morbid. But the invitation to wake up and really LIVE life is worth it. Thank you for sharing the invitation.
    Sandi Amorim recently posted..Telling the Truth (the whole truth and nothing but the truth!)

  3. Death is something I think of often and much for the same reasons you do, Alex. It makes me feel more alive – live more purposefully. Instead of packing my days with meaningless activity, I try to simplify. In doing so, I am able to be present in those activities – in work and at play. I didn’t realize all this until a few years back. I am lucky to have a partner in crime who wanted to start a business with me. My husband and I have been married for 15 years, but many of them were simply going through the motions – work, eat, collapse, work again. Not living at all! Oh boy, the transformation has been well worth it.

    It is always good to hear that we’ll be dead one day. I welcome your post and appreciate it so much!

    • Thank you Tammy!

      I’m truly glad you share the idea of living purposefully each and everyday. It makes a whole difference, even if we are doing some simple or mundane tasks, doing it purposefully brings a deep meaning, even to washing the dishes. :)

      I really hope your business thrives and you have a lot of years ahead of you, all lived with intention. :)
      Alejandro Reyes recently posted..Warning: Use the kryptonite method at your own risk

  4. Alex —

    I understand and agree with what you’re saying. I’m not sure I would dismiss the idea that we will have other lives, but I am personally certain life continues after death (I’ve linked to my post about just this via the CommentLuv tool below). This is something I can’t prove, but I am confident it is true.

    Having said that, it’s clear to me that whatever existence or lives that will eventually come to us will not be this one. Assuming there is such a thing as reincarnation, the Daniel Brenton that comes back for another life won’t be carrying the same day-to-day knowledge, won’t be interacting with the same people, won’t have the same parents or sibling, and so on. This is a unique experience, and needs to be treated as such.

    — Daniel
    Daniel Brenton recently posted..Surprisingly Blunt for, Well, Someone Who’s Dead

    • Daniel, I fully agree with you on this one.

      I just say it because as you point out, if there is another life after this one, it will be different. So we can’t just wait it out thinking that we will have more of this after death. It’s all about enjoying what we have right now and making the most out of it.

      And if we are blessed with another life after this one, hopefully we can carry this lesson with us. :)
      Alejandro Reyes recently posted..How I fought my lizard brain at Bernal’s Peak

  5. Nice Alex!

    Every single day counts! This is so incredibly powerful once we not only understand this, but we actually live it out. I remember not too many years ago when I would let days slip away like it was nothing.

    I remember about a year when I had a conversation with a friend she said to me “Well, next week is no big deal. Nothings going to change.” I got so fired up, I looked at her and said “No! That’s not true! If you and I take action we can’t predict what could happen next week. There is so much possibility if we continue to move forward.”

    I was surprised when I said it – I didn’t expect it to come out of my mouth. But it did :).
    Izzy recently posted..How My Crazy Friend Dealt With Insane Adversity (Plus My TEDx Video).

  6. Dear Alex,

    I really wanted to read your thoughts on this matter. And … honestly – All the Wisdom of the Universe in regards to this is already condensed in your post and in the loving 9-10 comments above, so I would not really add up too much to the conversation – just let you know that tears of Faith, Love, Hope, Happiness and other 1000 precious feelings come to my eyes when reading all of you. You all are so beautiful.

    With faith and love,


  7. Alex, this post really hits home for me right now. My mother died a few months ago and it has made me contemplate the life of the spirit versus the life of the body in a way I never had before. When Mom passed away, my sister shared something someone had told her: “You’re not a body with a spirit, you’re a spirit with a body.” That makes so much sense to me. Our bodies are simply the vehicles our spirits use to travel and create in this lifetime. Like a Ford or Honda, they do eventually wear out (well, maybe not Hondas).

    When I look at life and death in this way, I realize how limited my time is. When I think of my body as my whole being, then of course I feel denial that it will ever have to die. It also makes life feel sort of meaningless, making it easy to be apathetic and waste a lot of time. When I think of my body as a tool for my spirit to conduct its business, life gains significance and I feel more compelled to take advantage of my time here so I can complete my “mission,” whatever that might be.
    Sue Mitchell recently posted..A Field Guide to Our Unproductive Selves

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