How to accomplish your goals (Even if you have no discipline at all)

No disciplineHave you ever felt as if you never achieved your own goals?

You slave away at them, push harder like nobody else would ever dream off, you put in the sweat, blood and tears like a spartan warrior. You sit down to work, you give your best everyday, you fight against procrastination and resistance and do all you can.

But after a week of intense work your goal feels as distant as when you started.

People says you must be more disciplined, push beyond the pain and go and get your goal. After all that’s what a warrior would do, right?

You get up, roll your sleeves, just to find there is no more energy to tackle this project. You hope for someone to notice your hard effort, but there is nobody out there to help you.

You feel drained and defeated. Resistance got you again. And… you just wonder if you could do something about it.

Well, I have good news for you. Not only I can tell you how to accomplish your goals, your dreams without discipline, I can give you some simple tips for you to impress anyone with your goal achieving super-powers.

Dust yourself off and let’s get you on the warrior’s path…

The power of alignment

We have established before that a negative inner voice can really ruin your day, and warriors have a strong spirit and are always looking to improve their life and the world around them. But how do they do that? And how can you achieve the same inner motivation?

The secret: Aligning with your core values.

Very few people want to be disciplined. Think about about it, would you rather be doing something fun or slaving to work your way towards a goal, knowing you don’t really enjoy what you have to do. Spending your day forcing yourself to move forward is not the best way to create real value.

After an hour or so of grinding through work you don’t like, you soon are desperate to do something else. This is only natural, your mind is exhausted and you probably have no more willpower left. Procrastination sets in and the goal is soon father than ever.

Instead, a warrior aligns his goal with his core values before launching himself into work. They become an unstoppable force. And they are rewarded, not with a little break, but with achieving all their goals.

Is this more powerful than discipline?

Why warriors align with their values

Warrior align with their own inner nature for different reasons. They may want to create value and change the world, learn and improve on their habits, or simply to be happy and peaceful. But under all those goals is a powerful reason to do it:

Inner motivation.

Instead of using all their willpower and get tired super fast. A warrior uses their own nature, what they love and find fun to move forward with their work and life. If you don’t believe me, just look at the awesome people in the hall of warriors, they aligned with their nature and now create meaningful work. Aren’t they supposed to work even harder?

Not really. They found a way enjoy the process of achieving their dreams, even if it was unintentional, they aligned their goals with their core values. It looks as if they found a way to be super disciplined, doesn’t it?

Or we were taught to believe.

If you look closely, behind the idea of discipline is a belief that working hard means getting rewards. But that’s not necessarily true.

How to accomplish your goals without discipline

Align with your core values, your own nature.

It’s that simple. Most of us were raised in a culture that values hard work and no complains, we liked it or not. Making our work something fun and personal seems a bit… unreal, like a distant dream impossible to fulfill.

It’s time for you to break free of resistance’s grip. You need to find the overlap between your goals and your own nature. It’s a process every warrior goes through, and you are no different.

Accept your own nature and use it to your advantage. There is no better way to accomplish your goals and your dreams.

So take your time to align with your values, then go and kick some ass and achieve all your goals! And if you want a shortcut to do it, the exercises in my Free Warrior Course will help you align with your values.

Photo by Fernando de Sousa

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