How to become a modern day warrior (A.K.A. The Enso Journey Manifesto)

There is something that has been bothering me for a long time, perhaps you share this same feeling. This post is my answer to that feeling. I’m a bit of a history junkie, video game junkie, movie junkie and book junkie. I love to enjoy stories about a great warrior. Soon I became concerned, why I was not able to find one warrior around me?

To learn from them, to become a little bit better each day. I began searching

Enso Journey Warrior

I found that the best way to picture this manifesto was to use it's very words.

Searching for the modern warrior

I searched far and wide. Thankfully the internet helps a lot with searching, and I was able to find modern day warriors. Each was different, they all had different skills and wrote about their journey. Soon I began my own training, I changed and adapted to become more like them. To be honest, I failed.

It took a long time to understand. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Then I finally came to it, my mistake was trying to become like them and not listening to my own calling. To my own reasons to fight each and everyday to make this world a little bit better. i set out on a quest to change that and become a modern warrior. Not fighting with swords or guns, but fighting with a strong spirit to help others. So I started applying what I found in my early quest.

Here are those lessons and how can they help you become a modern day warrior.

The Enso Journey Manifesto

A warrior must be responsible

As a warrior you are free to choose what you do and how you do it. But you must accept and deal with every consequence of your actions. You bring different consequences to your life, and it is important to accept them good or bad it has your choice, acceptance of this will always move your forward. Remember that you also affect the people around you, accept the consequences that you actions brings to them and you will do fine.

A warrior must be humble

Being humble is the mark of a true warrior. If you are humble you will be willing to correct your mistakes and use your skills for the good of others. This doesn’t mean doing stuff for free but you are helping others wake up their warrior spirit.

Staying humble will also let you grow faster, it’s because you won’t feel that becoming an expert is some sign of status. A warrior understand that there is no such thing as status, we are all humans, we are all alive, every living thing deserves respect.

A warrior must be honest

You must be honest, first with yourself, then with the world. I have find that this is a rule, there is now way you can be honest with others if you are not being honest with yourself. Take the time to be with yourself and learn to be honest with yourself. People all around the world is trying to fill your mind with ideas, some of them are repeated so constantly that you may have started to believe them.

Pause for a minute, and think of those ideas that are not truly yours. Now take little steps to take them away from you, to break all those barriers in your mind, you will be thankful you did.

A warrior doesn’t judge swiftly

You must have an open mind at all times, but you need to develop your own set of core values to guide your decisions. Even with them it’s always worth to listen to what others have to say. Never brush people off just because you don’t like their message, listen to them, learn the lessons they have for you and show gratitude for that meeting. You don’t lose anything by listening to others. Open your mind.

A warrior breathes to control his emotions

Do you remember that time you were so angry you wanted to smash something? Do you remember when you were so sad you wanted to cry? I’m not saying you shouldn’t feel all the range of emotions, you should, there is a time and a place to feel everything and to experience this wonderful world. But you should not let them guide your actions.

If you act due to anger you will hurt the world a little. If you do it because you are truly sad, you may hurt others. Don’t let your emotions guide your actions, just breathe deeply a couple of times and then choose, but never choose before you breathe.

A warrior is like water

Water adapts to whatever contains it, you should do the same. Changing and adapting to the world you live in is part of being a true warrior. If you are facing problems, you need to find a solution to them, procrastinating is not the way to do this. Take always the time to adapt to your current situation and stay alert for change, if you do you will face less resistance in your life.

A warrior listens to his calling

I have said it before, you need to find your passion, otherwise you will be like a candle just burning out yourself, your soul will suffer if you don’t enjoy what you are doing. Take the time to listen to your calling.

Your calling is that little voice in your head that wants you to do something amazing for the world. That is what you should be doing. If it says work on a corporation, then do it. If it says to travel the world, then do it. If you want to help others, do it. Don’t wait for the right time. Start now.

A warrior faces his fears

This one is not easy, and I don’t want to fool you about it. This one is insanely hard, because it takes a lot of courage to face your fears. Take the time to figure this one out, take the time to plan how to overcome each of your fears. If you fight against your fears in your own terms, your chances of succeeding increases. Stop running away, instead find the way, there is always a way.

A warrior loves freely and with all his heart

As a warrior you need to open your heart just as your mind. Love freely and always with true intention. Do not waste any time to show it, do not wait for the right moment.

I have lost 2 beautiful girls that I have loved deeply, I wrote about one here, the other one is just for my heart. I understood that time is limited. Before you have to face such a lesson, understand this, you don’t know how much time you have left with those you love, don’t waste one more minute and love them with all you have.

A warrior never stops learning

No matter what, never stop learning. Update your knowledge and use it for good, research those topics that interest you. Never wait for someone else to teach you, take the steps to learn what you love at every moment. Read a book, research on blogs, but never stop learning. You will see that the path starts to open itself if you have enough knowledge to take the right decisions at the right time.

A warrior listens to the higher realms

I have said it before, you need a spiritual practice. It doesn’t matter which faith you choose or if you choose your own path. Make sure that you have a spiritual practice included in your daily life, and practice it regularly. There is a reason why they exist and i am convinced that it’s because there is a higher realm above us. If you pay attention you will see that you calling comes from that realm. Just sit and listen.

A warrior remains creative

Creativity is not something that only some people has. Creativity is a skill and as such you can learn it. Train your mind, to solve problems in more than one way, from the simple ones to the truly complex one, there is always more than one solution.

There are a lot of activities that you can use to train: write, draw, dance, play music, solve riddles. Find one that you like and practice it, even as a hobby it will make you a million times more powerful, because you will always have a solution to anything that you face.

Above all, warrior does the things that he says and says the things that he thinks

A warrior never acts in a way that doesn’t align with his own values. Your thoughts, the way you speak and your actions should be aligned. It takes time, but if you start trying, you will see that every door starts to open. I’m still amazed how this truly works, but it does. Stop the lies and all the clutter in your head. Don’t waste your energy, if you align your actions you will be like a laser. Focused and powerful.

Now it’s your turn, do you accept the challenge?

You can become a modern day warrior, you can choose to be far more than what you think you can do. It takes a lot of effort, but it’s worth it. Your dreams await in the other side of this journey. Take the first step. Today.

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  1. Anne Melnyk says:

    I’ve never really thought of myself in terms of being a warrior, so I was delighted to read your Manifesto, and the path to becoming a modern day warrior. You helped me recognize my inner warrior. The lessons you listed resonated and I particularly love the focus on integrity, ongoing learning and development and the challenge of consistently aligning with your values.

    • Anne, it’s an honor to have you here.
      To be completely honest that was the most difficult task I have faced 8and still face), Integrity is not exactly achieved from one moment to the next, so I’m glad you keep moving forward with it. I know you are a true warrior and I’m sure the whole manifesto will not be hard for your. :)
      Alejandro Reyes recently posted..5 simple tips to unleash your warrior spirit

  2. I’m with Anne on this one in that the word “Warrior” never resonated with me but I am happy to have my mind changed about that one. Ha! I’m already on the path with an open mind! I truly love your manifesto and I think it is a clear call for those of us who want to make a difference. Thank you.

  3. Thank you Kathy!
    I must say, that the word may not be used often in modern days, but there are warriors around us at all times. From us bloggers to wonderful parents and teachers. Some of the great warriors I have found live normal lives but they accomplish all of what I have shown in the manifesto.
    And I have no doubt that you are a warrior, perhaps a Bliss Warrior is a better tittle. :)
    Alejandro Reyes recently posted..How to become a modern day warrior (A.K.A. The Enso Journey Manifesto)

  4. I’ve always loved the warrior energy so printing this manifesto out is a no-brainer 😉
    Wondering if you’ve read Warrior of the Light by Paulo Coelho? I think you’d love it!
    Sandi Amorim recently posted..How to Create 2012 with Style

  5. Great post here, Alejandro. I like the descriptions you gave for the modern day warriors. It’s quite inspirational. Let’s all grow to be modern day warriors.

  6. This manifesto defiantly deserves a poster! For now i’ll make due with a printout for the fridge :)

    Sometimes we question our own commandments in life. Or we just need fresh inspiration and long for a new voice. It is wonderful to read yours- even as someone that has a whole bunch of manifestos already. And you truly seem honest and humble and all those things a warrior should be.

    If the occasion should ever arise, there is one thing on there I would like to debate; the issue of feeling all feelings. I have very strong opinions on this matter, but perhaps they are better shared over a cup of coffee somewhere in the distant future. Who knows :)

  7. Thank you for this read. I too am hearing a call of sorts. A burgeoning feeling within myself that wants to do more, to be more. I want to protect people. I want to be that immovable boulder that stands stoically in the face of evil, in the face of those who would seek to harm the innocent for their own selfish desires.

    I have much more I need to work on before I can become such a man, but your values are akin to my own, and reading your words has helped me confirm that I am on the right path.

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