Why you need to be grateful about comfort food

Today is Blog Action Day, it’s a great event and this year we will be talking about food. Food is a very pressing matter in our modern society. You may have a favorite food, but have you ever thought about that dish that makes you feel better? That’s comfort food.

Comfort food black beans

I was lucky to find this picture, you just need to add a bit of tortilla to that bowl and you will have my comfort food. Photo by Joshua Heller

What is comfort food?

Comfort food is not that wonderful dish that you order in your favorite fancy restaurant. It’s that simple dish you eat at home. It reminds you of a good time. Mine comes straight from the recipes of my grandma: Simple beans with small pieces of tortilla. What? Yes, that simple. That weird blend tasted good, and it always reminds me of my childhood; the easy and simple times.

Your comfort food may be really different and usually it’s something very private. You don’t go telling people that you like this dish, unless you trust them. Take a minute or two to find that dish, remember this guidelines while you think about it:

  • It makes you feel safe: Comfort food reminds you of simple good times. Nothing could harm you during this times.
  • It makes you remember something nice: Your childhood, a good moment with your partner, a family party. It’s a nice and lovely thought.
  • It’s something private: You don’t share this food, this one is just for you. It allows you to have a small private moment.

Did you find your comfort food? I sure hope so. because we are going to draw strength from it. You will find a way to make it a powerful source of energy even when you are surrounded by chaos.

Building a sanctuary

The feeling that this dish brings within you is a powerful anchor against the difficult or troublesome times. This doesn’t mean you will only eat this during stressful times, because that will defeat the purpose and drain the dish from it’s true power.

I want you to follow a little exercise with me. Focus on the flavors and the feelings that you experience while you eat that dish. Keep those in mind and truly make them yours. This feeling is what we are looking for to buy a powerful sanctuary. One that can resist even the most powerful and changing times. That is the true power of the comfort food.

Now that you understand and remember that feeling, it’s time to let it flow during your normal day. Each time you need to focus, breathe and let that feeling flow inside you. You will feel totally different once you do.

Taking comfort food to the next level

A true Enso Warrior understands not only the power of his dish, but how useful can it be to make your life resistant to the uncertainty that any change brings. To truly take it to this level you need to understand one simple thing: Food is universal.

You can turn every dish you ever taste into comfort food if you learn how to taste it and enjoy it. Today, you can find all those fast food restaurants with one single mission. Eat fast and leave so I can sell more food. That’s ok for the average person, but not for a true warrior. A true warrior respects it’s food and understands it goes way beyond a simple meal.

  • Food keeps you alive: This is the most important reason why you should respect your food. Take the time to enjoy it, even if it’s just a fruit. Each bite gives you life.
  • Don’t eat until you are full: Remember, you are lucky because you have something to eat, some doesn’t have that luck. You don’t have to eat everything in your way until you are full. Learn about portions and how much do you need.
  • Be thankful for your food: As I said above, there are people in the world that doesn’t have enough food. Be thankful for it. That gratitude will help you feel a lot better about it. It’s even better if you help those who need it.

These simple steps will remind you the importance of each and every bite. Those steps are the ones that make comfort food what it is. They remind you the whole context and makes you aware of what, how and why you are eating. Pay attention to your feelings as you shift using these steps in your daily meals.

Feeling good with your food

For me, eating that simple dish is still a source of connection with my inner self. It’s a time to remember the road I have walked since I felt the way I feel while I eat. It’s a simple ritual to meditate about my own state and how what I eat, do or think affects my whole body and life.

If you can achieve that powerful connection with yourself, you will be able to have simple pauses during your day to understand what you are doing. You will have the time to think about your plans and how they align with all the things in your life. All thanks to the power of comfort food.

Now sit and enjoy

I invite you to take the time to enjoy a simple food today. one that allows you to remember great days. Share it with your family or friends. Enjoy the powerful feeling. And concentrate in the simple things in life.

While you are enjoying, please be grateful, for you are lucky to have something to eat. Probably you worked hard to get that meal for you, don’t be shy about it. Remember to send good feelings and thoughts to those who can’t enjoy a good meal, they are also warriors who need your help, even if it’s a good wish.

Remember this simple fact. Comfort food is there for you to feel the power of life invade you. With that in mind, start the next week with a strong and bold desire to do something powerful that helps others. For a warrior knows that he has to seek the greater good.

Don’t forget to share this post, and allow others to find the power hidden in their food.

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  1. I really enjoyed your post. My comfort food is mashed potatoes. I like them just about anyway they can be made but my favorite is simple like my mom made them: mashed with whole milk, a little butter, and salt.

    Mashed potatoes make me feel safe and warm and loved. Remembering them the next time I’m in a stressful situation is a good idea. It’s a concrete touchstone to take us to a safe place when we are overwhelmed by the world.

    • Welcome Denise!
      You truly caught the idea. It’s not that you will eat it more often or to feel better. The idea is to let the love your mom used to make the mashed potatoes enter you again and again. Each time you allow that to happen you will tap into that love and become more powerful.
      Thanks for sharing your recipe. Now I want to get some potatoes. :)
      Alejandro Reyes recently posted..How to tap into the power of gratitude

  2. I loved the intention behind this post, that comfort food can evoke powerful feelings that help us through tough times. Comfort food is the end-all be-all to capturing fond memories that the body remembers through taste, texture, temperature and of course comfort.

    A lovely reminder of the power of food!

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